Trade East West Sales is a professional Wholesale supplier delivering the best services and providing the best products, at a cheaper price, allowing smaller purses to enjoy equivalent products to the ones available on the market at much higher prices. We offer a selection of 3 Times Tested and Approved Products from China.

  1.   A piece per piece check-up by the certified manufacturers.All products whether sold Wholesale or Retail are conform to European Standards, CE, CEN, ROHS..
  2.   Check-up before shipping, by our professional agents with offices in the main ports of the Chinese East Coast.
  3.   All products are selected and tested by our professional team prior to deciding selling on Trade.East-West-Sales.com.

You will find a large range of Computing Tablets, Mobile phone, GPSs and Electronics with their Accessories, speakers, ebikes and parts, both in our retail and, in our wholesale pages if you are a professional looking for products to expand your business. Our dedicated team is always searching for the latest innovations in technology. Products will be added progressively to offer a broader choice to our customers whether they are professionals or not.We mainly distribute our products to boutiques, shops, market retailers, but everybody is welcome to benefit from our wholesale prices.

Our aim is to deliver our customers quality products in a fast and efficient way at a very low price. Our products are delivered all over the world! Who are we? We are an international young and dedicated team situated in North Thailand and Bangkok, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in China, soon in Europe (France) with one common goal: the best services for the highest satisfaction of our customers. Traders, exporters, IT professionals, translators, customer services are the joined skills that make us a competitive team.

Thank you for shopping with us.

The East-West-Sales.com team.



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