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Easily foldable $1,150.00




All super light aluminium alloy frame, its weight just 45kgs includes lithium battery set.


High performance ternary lithium battery set. The weight is 7kgs, it is just one quarter weight of lead-acid batteries. Lithium ion battery has obvious advantages in application of electric bicycle, and meets requirements of electric bicycle.
The lithium ion power battery has the following characteristics:
● Light weight
● Long service life,2 years.
● Light finished bicycle weight
● High actual capacity
● Long travelled distance
● Convenient use and maintenance
● Lithium battery has over 90% charge-discharge energy conversion efficiency,
fevers less, and saves electricity in charging.
● Provide design conditions, space and possibility for more reasonable structure
and more attractive appearance.
● Environmental protection, no pollution.HKSGSV1_Shiftsengine

Intelligent drive, dicaryon two shifts electric power motor. Small bulk, big torque, great efficiency with great climbing capacity and runs reliably. It is rationally distributed and compact structure with two stage gear drive. High performance iron core and permanent magnet material. Solid and smooth shape that makes easily for the motor heat radiation. Unique sense patent technology makes the motor shift automatically. It ensures the motor to run the optimal value at any gears and creats completely on the energy-efficient brushless motor. It protects the battery to avoid the big current shock while shifting. The high efficiency motor makes further save power as well as more ability charge.

Climbing maximum speed 22km/h, maximum torque≥50N.m
Drive maximum speed 38-50km/h, maximum torque≥30N.m

HKSGSV1 Led lights

The complete vehicle are all using LED lightings, high brighness, save power and long lifetime.

HKSGSV1 Cellphone interface

Multi-function iphone music kit. iphone music interface. USB disk and memory card compatibility. USB cellphone charging interface.

HKSGSV1 LCD Speedometer

LCD speedometer. All the safe driving information is clearly to read.HKSGSV1 Hydraulic disk brake

High performance hydraulic disc brake makes all safety.

HKSGSV1 Central Shock Absorber

High performance centre shock absorber that makes more smooth and comfortable while driving the any road.

HKSGSV1 Rainproof Bag








Fashion rain-proof bag, this is the options.

HKSGSV1 30secs Folding

30 seconds fast folding compaction, it is very unique easy parking, getting into elevator, car carrying and room take-in.

Vehicle description  
Type: V1
Dry weight KG 45 (include battery)
Rated loading KG 150
Wheel base mm 1150
Maximum Climbing angle: ≥17°
Maximum speed ≥48km/h
Endurance mileage ≥85km (Constant speed 30km)
Battery charging time 2-8 hours
Speedometer Multi-function LCD speedometer
Shifting system Automatic electric motor & gearshift system
Battery spec Lithium battery 48V/20AH
Electric motor rated power 1000-1500W
Battery volume 1150WH
Front and rear tubeless tyre 80/80-14
Front braking 220mm hydraulic disc brake
Rear braking 110mm drum brake
Suspension system Hydraulic complex shock absorber
Lighting system All LED parts
Vehicle size mm 1650x1100x650
Vehicle folding size mm 1070x1040x300
Packing size mm 1120X1045X310, whole vehicle weight 56 kgs


Feature function
iphone music interface
USB disk and memory card compatibility
USB cellphone charging interface
Fast folding compaction
Super light aluminium alloy frame
High expansibility DIY design
Plug-in spare battery design


Container loading 1x20GP 74 units 1x40HQ 170 units
Color Yellow, Red, Blue etc.
Delivery Time After receiving T/T payment 35 days
Payment Terms T/T payment in advance
Price: US$1150.00 




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